Astronomy Quiz

Astronomy Quiz

  • What percentage of the universe is hidden from view by dust and stars?
                  Ans : 20.

  • What does the name of the constellation Scutum mean in English?
                Ans  : shield

  • Where in the Solar System would you find "Alba Patera"?
             Ans : Mars
                                 Alba Patera, found on Mars, is a peak at a height of 1,600m and a diameter of 464km.

  • Which space probe was the first to cross the asteroid belt?
           Ans : Pioneer 10.  

  • What is the name of the cloud that marks the edge of the Solar System?
            Ans :  Oort cloud.

  • What were the names of the two dogs carried into space by Sputnik 5?
          Ans : Belka and Strelka

  • How many times more luminous is the Milky Way compared to our Sun?
           Ans : 14 billion times. 

  • Which is the smallest planet among the gaseous giants?
           Ans : Neptune

  • A type of neutron star is called a:
            Ans : pulsar. 

  • Spike-like columns of gas that jet out from the sun's chromosphere are called:
           Ans : Spicules. 

  • Who experimentally discovered the relationship between redshift and distance within the universe?
              Ans : Hubble
                                    Edwin Hubble, 1889-1953, discovered the true meaning of redshift and first confirmed experimentally that the universe was expanding.

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